Building a High Performance Culture

Building a truly High-Performance Culture is probably the hardest task for you to achieve as an executive – yet in the end, it will be your most valuable legacy. It starts with how you lead yourself, seeking feedback and acting upon it to continually improve your performance. Then it is leading your team to do the same and cultivating the conditions for high performance and success across your organisation.


It’s about achieving leadership behaviour that gets results through your people. We provide leadership development for individuals and groups that is both innovative and grounded in the reality of the audience, with stimulus from models and case studies immediately applied to the audience’s real-world challenges. We focus on:

  • how leaders’ behaviour can impact the motivation and willingness to follow of the people they lead
  • leaders’ ability to collaborate effectively with each other and their networks (internal and external)
  • leaders’ clarity of thinking and positive force to drive clear direction and action
  • leaders’ humility: the ability to acknowledge their weaknesses and inadequacies, to listen and create space for others to experiment, make mistakes, learn and grow
  • Incisive decision-making which has stakeholder support


Keep it simple: break it down into simple concepts which people understand and then create a trusting and supportive space for solutions to emerge.

The ‘change-work’ we do starts with leadership and team coaching conversations, where the change required often becomes abundantly clear at an early stage, allowing us to move rapidly into planning for the change and execution. We provide clarity and support through ongoing conversations with individual leaders, leadership teams and the wider organization, including multi-level blended interventions and events.

There is vision, courage and humility involved in acknowledging the difficulty of the challenge; then, probably one of the greatest of leadership skills, there is the need to develop the ability to break complex things down into simple concepts which people can understand. This takes time and we can walk you through the steps to get you there. This involves collaboration, albeit selective and highly efficient, otherwise the change just will not stick.


The power of an organisation is multiplied if the right culture is created, led from the top. We work with leadership teams to deliver what is perhaps the hardest leadership challenge of all: to create a culture where performance thrives naturally; where the job of leadership cascades down the organisation and touches and engages everyone, and business results are achieved with seeming effortlessness.

The most important task is for the leadership team to take ownership for ‘walking the talk’, role-modelling the skills and behaviour that truly create an empowered performance. We will work with you to succeed as you step up to this challenge – but it’s not for the fainthearted. The critical success factor for leading and really getting the best results is making performance-focused coaching part of the DNA of the organisation. We will enable you to embed coaching as an integral part of the day job for every leader in the organisation.


Starting at the top, we train leaders to become effective coaches themselves, through a training and workshop programme. We then work together to develop a cadre of “coaching champions” who will ensure the performance of the organisation is stepped up at every level through powerful coaching conversations. Our coaching training programmes provide ILM qualifications and accreditation, which in turn provide key elements for accreditation with ICF, AC and EMCC. We also provide coaching supervision for leaders and line managers as coaches to enable them to continue to develop their professional coaching capability.