Executive 1:1 and team coaching

If you are a CEO, MD or a commercial leader, your challenge is being able to leverage your business and commercial talent; bring a new level of financial and strategic clarity and edge to achieve your business growth ambition; and get stakeholder buy-in to your business proposals. We coach you with Strategic and Financial Edge to meet this challenge.

Many leaders build their careers based on sound operational and commercial experience. They know the business, they can lead and manage people, and they know how develop and sell ideas…up to a point. The missing link is very often the finance perspective: a deeper understanding of the numbers and what they really mean – the devil that’s in the detail. The ability to stand back and see the more holistic, strategic and broader business perspective. Understanding the key business drivers at a corporate, financial and strategic level, and the language which is spoken at the top table, often feels more like investor relations than operational business management.

These skills, perspectives, and language are not difficult to learn: you don’t have to be an accountant to understand and master them.  But, what is often required is some guidance and coaching to work through what gets ‘lost in translation’; to develop a more polished and better-prepared style to deal with the incisive, and what can often feel like very critical, analysis from senior stakeholders. In fact, all they want to know is that the key business drivers, risks and opportunities have been properly understood and assessed.

We work with and coach many non-finance leaders, and leadership/executive teams. When these kinds of issues come up, with our CFO and Board level experience we are well placed to help these leaders and teams navigate their way through the prickly undergrowth that is the world of finance and get their business opportunities and proposals agreed, funded and delivered.