CFO & finance 1:1 and team coaching

If you are a CFO, FD or a leader of any technical function, your key challenge is maintaining focus on the important detail whilst at the same time rising above it and adding strategic value to the business; leading, motivating and inspiring your team; and engaging more effectively with all of your multiple stakeholders. We coach you and your teams to see the bigger picture and to engage and motivate your stakeholders.

To make the move from strong technical Financial Controller to commercial, strategic and inspiring CFO is tough. And even when you get there, the challenges just get tougher – individually and as you build a finance leadership team. The multiple stakeholder expectations of a CFO are extremely challenging and it often seems like there is nowhere to go for support.

We leverage our front-line CFO experience and coaching expertise to help finance leaders face these challenges and make the change. We coach 1:1 and in teams, based on stakeholder feedback and personality profiling to uncover the areas where the biggest difference can be made; and we bring a laser-like focus to the actions which can move the dial.

 This isn’t ‘soft and fluffy’: it’s about support and challenge, grounded firmly in a framework of financial, commercial and strategic acumen.