Leadership for a Sustainable and Fair Society and Future

The challenges that face our society today are unprecedented, and to resolve them we need a new level of enlightened leadership capability beyond anything we have seen before. There are too many examples of leaders who are not demonstrating this capability, and public confidence in our leadership in many areas is at an all-time low.

Our belief is that leadership coaching has a pivotal role to play in empowering leaders, in all sectors of society, to step up to these challenges. This is about defining what and how leadership can be improved, and designing and delivering leadership interventions which have a greater impact on leaders, stretching them beyond previous horizons and connecting them with a deeper and wiser awareness of what they can achieve and how to approach it.

This is why we call ourselves “Aim Higher” Leadership Ltd. We believe that there is a higher level of leadership which can and should be attained, and it’s our job to do whatever we can, and collaborate as broadly as possible, to facilitate this.

We are proud to work on this wider leadership agenda with 3 key collaboration partners:

Leaders’ Quest www.leadersquest.org, a social enterprise with a charitable foundation, which works with leaders from business, government and civil society to catalyse change at individual, organisational and systemic levels. Its mission is to develop wise, compassionate and adept leaders: people who are capable of leading in fast-changing, disrupted environments with competing priorities and interconnected challenges. Our collaboration is about bringing together our business experience and coaching and facilitation expertise to powerful leadership development interventions, in particular “Quests”, where leaders are exposed to multiple examples of outstanding leadership, in many contexts and often in great adversity, in order to develop a clearer view of their personal purpose and how to advance their own leadership.

LSP Leadership Ltd (Leading Sustainable Performance) www.lspleadership.com, a leadership consultancy which believes that leaders make the difference, and that leadership is about courage, honour and humility – getting extraordinary results beyond expectations, stretching their own and others’ performance,and creating value through sustainable business solutions.

Earthwatch UK, www.earthwatch.org, an international environmental charity whose mission is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education and to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. The Earthwatch community continues to grow rapidly, with participation ranging from “citizen scientists,” to corporate employees, to educators and students.

Our combined collaboration with LSP Leadership and Earthwatch UK is also about bringing our business experience and coaching and facilitation expertise to powerful leadership development interventions, specifically spending time with climate change scientists and thought leaders to create “heartshift” as well as “headshift” ie. a deeper sense of why and how leaders can integrate principles of sustainable business into the core of their business models and strategies for commercial and organisational success (see right for an example of one of our programmes.)