Why leadership coaching?

Leadership Coaching is the single most powerful tool to transform a manager to become a leader. A manager just organises work and tells people to gets things done. A leader operates at a completely different level, developing clarity of direction and compelling vision, the right environment and leadership behaviour to motivate and inspire people, and the capability to enable people to fulfil courageous ambitions. As your success continues and you step up the leadership ladder, you will continue to meet more and more challenging situations that you have not experienced before. It may be about solving complex strategic business problems, executing tough short term business goals, and at the same time building the business for future success. There will always be curve balls to deal with in an uncertain and ambiguous environment which is changing ever more rapidly. It’s about focusing on and delivering high performance.

There will also be tough stakeholders to manage: challenging investors or bosses, tension with peers, and dissatisfaction with how your team is performing such as, when they are not stepping up and taking accountability. The great leaders invest time in building highly functioning relationships, which enable them to win support for their ideas and business agenda. It’s about effective influencing and collaborating.

 And then there is you: where are you going in the long term and how does your current role and business context fit with this? Have you even had time to think about this? In our coaching conversations, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of challenges which leaders commonly face:

  • dealing with all the pressure and stress and managing work/life balance
  • presence and impact and how you show up as a leader
  • awareness of how one is perceived as a leader by others
  • clarity of thinking and communication
  • decisiveness, courage and calmness under pressure
  • developing and maintaining energy, empathy, and humility

It is important to become aware of your blind spots as a leader. One quote to remember is: ‘you should pay close attention to your behaviour as a leader, because you can be sure everyone else is!’ Otherwise, you will not be the leader you want to be because people will not trust or believe in you, and will not follow you. And the higher you go, the more scrutiny you will face.

How does leadership coaching work?

Leadership Coaching creates time, space and resources for you to make whatever change is required to achieve your goals. The scope can include goals for your career, for your personal and professional development as a leader and for the bottom-line success of your business. Then we get forensic about the current state in all these areas: what’s holding you back, how can you overcome the hurdles and barriers and what are the opportunities and options to make a shift?. Finally, it’s about translating all this into action: ensuring that you achieve your goals; making firm commitments to yourself to deliver the success that you are aiming for.

Coaching can range from purely asking incisive questions and listening intently, which is called ‘non-directive’ coaching – providing challenge and support to help you think things through for yourself; to ‘directive’ coaching, which is when the coach can see solutions to accelerate progress, based on their own experience. Directive coaching can also be called ‘mentoring’.

Our leadership coaching is unique – because, as well as being highly qualified, accredited and experienced coaches, capable of effecting major change through proven psychological techniques like NLP, we are also able to bring financial, commercial and strategic insight, acumen and edge to our coaching and mentoring: we can help you find simple, innovative, and effective solutions to your challenges because we have also been leaders ourselves, operating at that senior executive level.