Our Unique Approach

Our Executive Coaching focuses on the accelerated development of leaders through an intensive, tailored dialogue combining challenge and support, which can be undertaken one-to-one and/or in executive teams.  In all cases it is about having conversations focused on developing leadership performance and further potential in a grounded, pragmatic way; it is about developing more effective and engaging leadership behavior and achieving personal development goals and bottom-line business goals.

Coaching with Financial, Commercial, and Strategic Edge:

A lot of coaches are either psychologists or ex-HR professionals – great at what they do, but without the experience of leading as top executives. We are different as coaches because we have been in your shoes, we have sat at that table. We know what it is like to lead at that level and have the insight and acumen, as well as the scars, to prove it. We also became coaches whilst still operating as executive leaders, and so we know how to leverage coaching as a key foundation of building a high-performance culture. We know how to integrate the power of coaching into day-to-day reality to get bottom-line business results.

We are much more grounded and pragmatic (and value for money!) than Business School and much more powerful than standard leadership training. Many think that the best executive development happens at Business School or on a leadership course. But our executive coaching is much less obsessed with academic theory and case studies, and far more focused on the real world and tailored to the organisational context in which you operate as a leader, your very specific strengths and development needs, and the stage you are at in your leadership journey. It gets forensic about your stakeholder relationships and how to improve your leadership influence and engagement. It also provides highly financial, commercial and strategic acumen and insight, informed by our senior executive leadership experience, to develop and implement bottom-line strategic business outcomes.

Why Leadership Coaching?

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