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Our coaching is about performance focused change and delivering results

INDIVIDUALS:  We provide coaching for individual leaders when they need more resources to get them to where they want to be.  Whether it’s a high potential leader who is continually looking at how to improve performance to the next level, or a leader who is facing new challenges and is perhaps struggling to make change or jump some difficult hurdlesOur coaching is focused on business outcomes, but also on the “whole person”.  We provide challenge and support in equal measure, holding up a mirror and providing direction and a point of view when appropriate to help the leader get the best results – for him/her and for the business.   It’s about understanding what is happening under the surface, but also keeping grounded in the commercial business reality.

TEAMS:   We coach leadership teams who want to raise the bar further and/or who are not firing together on all cylinders.   Whether it’s new clarity of direction, leadership attitudes and behaviour, or just better ways of working, this is about calling out the “home truths” and the “elephants in the room” – bringing everyone together where they can reconnect with each other on a human level, thrash things out if needs be and move beyond destructive friction to build some real trust.    Ultimately, it’s all about having quality conversations – highly effective conversations – where we can confront the really tough challenges honestly, get to some firm foundations built on some solid rock, rather than pretending that we can build a business on shifting sands.

Stuart was instrumental in developing a home grown skill base for coaching within the business

Stuart was instrumental in developing a home grown skill base for coaching within the business.  His thought leadership and sheer passion for the subject converted many into followers and provided the business with a common ground from which to develop individuals’ own brand of leadership and coaching style. 

Supply Director


The power is multiplied if the right culture is created, led from the top

We work with leadership teams to deliver what is perhaps the hardest leadership challenge of all – to create a culture where performance thrives naturally, where the job of leadership cascades down the organization and touches and engages everyone, and business results are achieved with seeming effortlessness.

The most important task is for the leadership team to take ownership for “walking the talk”, role modeling the skills and behaviour that truly creates empowered performance.    We will work with you to succeed as you step into this challenge – but it’s not for the lighthearted.

The critical success factor for leading and really getting the best results is making performance focused coaching part of the DNA of the organization.   We will enable you to embed coaching as an integral part of the day job for every leader in the organization.

Starting at the top, we train leaders to become effective coaches themselves, through a training and workshop programme, and then work together to develop a cadre of “coaching champions” that will ensure performance is stepped up at every level through powerful coaching conversations.

He has been fundamental in implementing the coaching culture

What’s unique about Stuart is that he is able to combine both his business and personal experience to help individuals arrive at the very best solutions.    He has been fundamental in implementing the coaching culture and a more empowered leadership style across the business

Global Marketing Director


It’s about achieving leadership behaviour that gets results through your people.

We provide Leadership development for individuals and groups that is innovative and grounded in the reality of the audience, with stimulus from models and case studies rapidly translated into “what this means for us now”.  We focus on:

–        how their behavior can impact the motivation of the people they lead, and their willingness to follow.

–        their ability to collaborate effectively with each other and their networks internal and external and leverage those resources

–        their clarity of thinking and positive force to drive clear direction, follow through and incisive decision making which has stakeholder support

–        their humility to acknowledge their weaknesses and inadequacies, to listen and create space for others to experiment, make mistakes, learn and grow

Stuart challenges an individual to dig deeper

In his coaching Stuart challenges an individual to dig deeper and makes them think about what they really want and what their values are. He has a strong set of personal values himself, which allow him to be very understanding and supportive.

Head of Strategy


Keep it simple: break it down into simple concepts which people understand and then create space, trust and support for solutions to emerge.

The change work we do starts with leadership and team coaching conversations, where the change required becomes abundantly clear and we move into planning for the change and execution.   We provide clarity and support through ongoing conversations with individual leaders, leadership teams and the wider organization, including multi-level blended interventions and events.

So there is vision, courage and humility involved in acknowledging the difficulty of the challenge, and then probably the greatest of leadership skills is the ability to break complex things down into simple concepts which people can understand.  This takes time and we can walk you through the steps to get you there.  This involves collaboration, albeit selective and highly efficient, otherwise the change just will not stick.

Stuart helped me see the bigger picture

Stuart helped me see the bigger picture and understand the key stakeholders.  He specifically coached me on how to present to a Senior Executive audience in an articulate way.  He helped me to stay motivated during the high stress tense moments and maintain my resilience. 

Global IT Manager