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Our Clients


One of the first things that you notice about Stuart is that he has a high degree of emotional intelligence, strong integrity and is a sound judge of character.   His open engaging approach establishes trust early on in the coach/coachee relationship. 

Financial Controller

This is my twentieth year in education and only once have I received this kind of CPD that was tailored to me and could not be found in a good book. Coaching in this way provides something very new and unique. Partly holding up a mirror, partly a sounding board, partly an agony uncle, partly a teacher and partly a friend.

Barry Doherty - Headmaster, Colmers School

Stuart embedded coaching as part of the Foster’s culture across the EMEA business.  He personally coached a broad number of individuals at all levels and functions across Foster’s, as well as training an even wider group of staff to establish coaching as a way of working at Foster’s EMEA.  He established a strong finance team and transformed the finance function into a team of commercially focussed business partners.  Stuart developed a large number of staff, who have successfully moved into larger roles at Foster’s, both within and outside of finance.

Financial Controller

It was via Stuart that I was first exposed to coaching and the value it can bring into the organisation.  I have been utilising this tool ever since to help me and my team arrive at the most powerful solutions, even if they did not appear obvious at first.  

Marketing Director

Stuart was instrumental in developing a home grown skill base for coaching within the business.  His thought leadership and sheer passion for the subject converted many into followers and provided the business with a common ground from which to develop individuals’ own brand of leadership and coaching style.

Supply Director

In his coaching Stuart challenges an individual to dig deeper and makes them think about what they really want and what their values are. He has a strong set of personal values himself, which allow him to be very understanding and supportive.

Head of Strategy

The real value was in asking the difficult questions, making you confront the harsh reality of a problem and start developing solutions as opposed to burying your head in the sand. Stuart clearly demonstrated the value of coaching in our business and the benefits it would bring to our organisation. It created stronger leaders who could make decisions faster and lead the organisation to achieve greater outcomes.

Peter Jackson - CEO, Fosters EMEA

Stuart took great care and attention to understand the context of my business and personal setting. He was particularly good at helping me see different perspectives and
options in situations.

Louise Fairburn - Head of Global Sales Academy, Astra Zeneca

Stuart has an innate strength for coaching / mentoring and I liked his style.  Far from being prescriptive, Stuart has this ability to listen patiently and throw a couple of leading probing questions that sets you on the path of discovering your own solutions. He operates as an effective sounding board bringing his years of experience to bear on the conversation.

S Venkateswaran - CFO, A&E Dubai

What’s unique about Stuart is that he is able to combine both his business and personal experience to help individuals arrive at the very best solutions.    He has been fundamental in implementing the coaching culture and a more empowered leadership style across the business

Global Marketing Director
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