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You and Your Challenges

If you are a CEO, MD or a commercial leader, your challenge is how to leverage your business and commercial talent and bring a new level of financial and strategic clarity and edge to achieve your business growth ambition, and get stakeholder buy-in to your business proposals.  We coach you with Strategic and Financial Edge to meet this challenge.

If you are a CFO, FD or a leader of any technical function, your key challenge is maintaining focus on the important detail whilst at the same time rising above it and adding strategic value to the business; leading, motivating and inspiring your team; and engaging more effectively with all your multiple stakeholders.  We coach you to see the bigger picture and engage and motivate your stakeholders.

If you are a leader at the interface of Western and Japanese culture, working for a Western business in Japan, or a Japanese business in the UK, you are looking for new ways to bridge the culture gap and the unlock performance potential that you know real collaboration can deliver.  We coach you in Japanese and English to help bridge the culture gap.

The Unique Edge in our Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching has unique financial and strategic edge.   We challenge financial and strategic thinking, and we provide structure, support and advice to develop strategic clarity and compelling financial analysis.

As ex-CFOs and board directors, we have been in your shoes, we have sat at that table.

As leaders we became coaches and embedded performance coaching cultures.   We know where you want to get to and the barriers that you need to overcome.    We know how to integrate the power of coaching into the day-to-day reality to get bottom line business results.    And we have deep experience of leading in Japanese culture and language.

With our unique combination of skills and experience, we can help you find simple, innovative, and effective solutions to your challenges.     You can rely on us to help you do this in a way that works for you, and for your business – we can coach you to succeed.


What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is the single most powerful tool to transform a manager to become a leader.   A manager just organises work and tells people to gets things done.   A leader operates at a completely different level, developing clarity of direction and compelling vision, the right environment and leadership behaviour to motivate and inspire people, and the capability to enable them to fulfill courageous ambitions.

People follow leaders because they believe in them, and they trust them.  To earn this belief and trust and become a great a leader, you must first develop a deeper knowledge and awareness of yourself and your personal purpose, on a human level.   With this deeper connection with yourself and “leading from within”, you must then build a deeper understanding of and connection with your team and your business.

This is what our leadership coaching conversations focus on.  We deploy powerful coaching techniques and experience to help you unlock your true potential.

Leading from within, you will become the leader you aspire to be – equipped to connect with and motivate your team and engage with stakeholders to deliver exceptional performance: 

  • Calm under pressure
  • Effective influencing & collaboration 
  • Focused on Performance



The real value was in asking the difficult questions

The real value was in asking the difficult questions, making you confront the harsh reality of a problem and start developing solutions as opposed to burying your head in the sand. Stuart clearly demonstrated the value of coaching in our business and the benefits it would bring to our organisation. It created stronger leaders who could make decisions faster and lead the organisation to achieve greater outcomes.

Peter Jackson
CEO Fosters EMEA